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a glass of wine sitting on top of a wooden table

By: Sofia Ciancaglini | March 2o, 2024

Discover some of Mobile’s cocktails in this blog post, featuring iconic favorites from some of the most popular bars and restaurants in town. Whether you’re enjoying a date night out, a girl’s night, or a corporate team building experience, this list will have you covered to enjoy some of the best drinks in town! 

The Jerk Store at The Haberdasher

The Haberdasher’s Jerk Store is an indisputable classic, or at least it has gained that reputation for being a customer favorite for almost 15 years since created by Roy Clark. This wonderful drink is made with dry gin, ginger liqueur, cucumber, lime, local raw honey, and habanero shrub. The cucumber gives it a refreshing initial taste but the habanero shrub leaves a tingly aftertaste, making it a complex and interesting drink. Yet if it isn’t your taste, you can resort to one of their renowned Old Fashioneds, which have garnered popularity for good reason, or maybe one of their other great cocktails like the Chasing Death. This Mobile favorite is the best place to go for a drink and a great vibe.

Bushwacker at Moe’s Original Bar B Que 

Pictured: their St. Patrick’s Day special Bushwacker, the Paddywacker

Moe’s is one of many iconic spots in downtown Mobile, and its signature drink might just be the most iconic in the whole city. The bushwacker derives from Sapphire Beach Village, St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands, and made its way to the Gulf Coast in the mid-1970’s. Since then, this delectable drink including vanilla ice cream, two different types of rum, coffee liqueur, chocolate liqueur, chocolate syrup, and lots of ice, has become a Gulf Coast classic. You can pick up a Bushwacker during one of our LoDa Stroll tours, and if you get lucky, you might be able to try one of their many fun seasonal options.

Black Cadillac at Squid Ink Eclectic Eats and Drinks 

Squid Ink does indeed offer some eclectic drinks, like the pictured Black Cadillac with its signature-you guessed it- squid ink. This floral, bubbly drink features Bombay Sapphire gin, champagne, blueberry, and squid ink. It is also one of many tasty and unique cocktails offered on their diverse menu by renowned restaurant owner, Panini Pete. Paired with one of their incredible appetizers like the Spanish S.O.S or their fried calamari with squid ink aioli, this place is NOT to be missed.

Cuba Libre at Las Floriditas

This drink is delicious on its own- but the history behind it will surely make it unforgettable. Mobile’s ties to sister city Havana, Cuba travel back to our city’s early beginnings. One of our founding fathers, D’Iberville Lemoyne, and his creation of trade routes between the two cities created a bond that stands until this day. You can experience a taste of Havana with a tasty Cuba Libre at speakeasy Las Floriditas, one of our stops during the Old Mobile Evening tour. This drink includes white rum, fresh lime juice, and coca-cola, making it a simple but refreshingly great cocktail.

Dragon Drink at Wintzell’s Oyster House

a glass of orange juice next to a cup of coffee on a table

You can be reminded of Mardi Gras all year long with this Mob Town classic at Wintzell’s. A delicious and pretty drink with a side of Mobile history, this cocktail is an homage to Verna Dean, the  fire-breathing, 150-foot long dragon float at Mobile’s Mystics of Time Mardi Gras parade. This Wintzell’s signature cocktail includes a mixture of light and dark rums, pineapple juice, orange juice, and grenadine, plus a keepsake glass. Whether you are a visitor in our city or a local, this cocktail is a must-have.

The Mother of Midtown at Nixon’s Midtown

Nixon’s is the perfect Midtown bar with its neighborhood vibe and familiar faces, and this drink is one of their best. Although most regulars probably indulge in one of their many draft beers, this cocktail is a delightful surprise. It features Cathead honeysuckle vodka, St. Germain Elderflower liqueur, a splash of sprite and soda, with a squeeze of lemon. This drink is sweet from the St. Germain but balanced out by the lemon. A delicious option if you’re looking for a great cocktail in Midtown Mobile.

Frozen Cocktails at The Ice Box Bar

The newly beloved Ice Box Bar has many great things to offer, but their frozen cocktails are one of the best. They offer different kinds such as a frozen Gin and Tonic, The Jon Daly with sweet tea and lemonade, the Cocojito with a mixture of piña colada and mojito, and sometimes limited seasonal options. You cannot go wrong with any of these options while you enjoy the fun environment at the Ice Box Bar.

Electric Relaxation at Slurp Society Ramen Shop 

This refreshing Haku Vodka drink stays true to its name with its flashing green color, which comes from the melon liquor featured in the cocktail. The flavor is sweet but balanced out by the citrus, and almost reminds you of a sweet, tart melon candy. You can enjoy this fun drink along with some of their deliciously creative Asian bites, like their Okonomiyaki Brussels Sprouts or their Japanese Fried Chicken nuggets. At Slurp Society Ramen Shop, led by Chef Wade Price and the team, you cannot go wrong.

Summer Lovin’ & Purple Horizon at Post 

Pictured: Purple Horizon

Whether you are out on the weekend, or enjoying some happy hour deals, POST is the place to go for an unforgettable cocktail. Although these two featured drinks are off-menu, they are some of the most popular with guests. A refreshingly fruity option, Summer Lovin’ includes Ketel One Peach and Orange Blossom vodka, strawberry puree, sour mix, grapefruit, mint, and egg white. Purple Horizon meanwhile includes Beefeater gin, Chambord raspberry liqueur, lemon, lime, and simple syrup. Make sure to try these or one of their many gorgeous and delicious handcrafted cocktails on your visit to POST.

Peach & Chong at Vandals Street Kitchen 

It was difficult to pick just one drink from Vandals’ creative and truly delicious cocktail menu, but the Peach & Chong takes the cake. This refreshing drink includes bourbon, peaches, lemon juice, grenadine, and ginger ale, and the best part is that it’s served smoked. Not just a delicious drink, but a pretty one too! Apart from wonderful drinks, you really cannot miss the food they are serving up, with a creative twist on Latin and Asian fusion. This West Mobile spot is seriously worth the visit.