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  • An Evening of Fun! (August Only!)


Quick Details

A totally rad 80’s-themed Murder Mystery Food Tour that combines delicious cuisine with a thrilling whodunit. Solve the murder mystery while indulging at our handpicked restaurants, making this an unforgettable culinary adventure that’s perfect for fans of intrigue, entertainment, and nostalgia.

Totally Rad Foodie Pass This ticket includes access to the food tour with mouthwatering tastings at each restaurant.
Ultimate MTV Experience This ticket covers not only the delectable food tastings, but also includes 80's-inspired cocktails.

Our totally rad 80’s-themed Murder Mystery Food Tour that takes you back in time to the most iconic decade of pop culture. Join us as we explore delicious local cuisine while solving a thrilling whodunit that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Our interactive experience combines the excitement of a murder mystery with the tantalizing flavors of our handpicked restaurants, all set against a backdrop of iconic 80’s music, fashion, and nostalgia. As you make your way through this culinary adventure, you’ll step into the shoes of your assigned 80’s-inspired character, discovering hidden motives and untangling the threads of a gripping plot.

Each stop on our tour features mouthwatering tastings, accompanied by trivia contests, and other engaging activities that reveal tantalizing clues. As you dine on delectable dishes, you’ll gather information, connect the dots, and attempt to uncover the identity of the culprit among you.

So dust off your leg warmers, tease up your hair, and get ready for a night of intrigue, entertainment, and scrumptious cuisine with “I Want My MTV! (Mystery, Tastings & Victims)” – the ultimate 80’s-themed Murder Mystery Food Tour. Whether you’re an 80’s kid at heart or just a fan of this colorful era, you’re sure to have a tubular time that you won’t soon forget!