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About Bienville Bites Food Tour


Our Goal:

Connect people to the city of Mobile, Alabama by giving each guest a taste of Mobile’s cuisine and history through an exceptional experience.


Mission Statement:

Make Mobile a world renowned dining destination by 2030 by connecting as many people as we can through an exceptional food tour experience


a person standing posing for the camera



Chris and Laney combined their passions of food, history, and hospitality in 2017 when they started Bienville Bites Food Tour, Mobile’s first and only food tour. Since then, Bienville Bites has named the “Best Food Tour in Alabama”, and has been consistently awarded the “Certificate of Excellence” by TripAdvisor which is given to the top 10% of attractions worldwide based on excellent five star reviews.

In the fall of 2020, the couple launched Taste of Fairhope in Fairhope, Alabama giving people an opportunity to connect through food and drink on both sides of Mobile Bay.

The two are passionate about connecting people to the city of Mobile through food and drink while giving them experiences to share with others.