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Haunted Food Tours

Haunted Food Tours in Mobile, Alabama


👻 Taste your way through the oldest streets in Alabama!

This unique experience is the only haunted food tour in U.S.

👻 We offer a variety of haunted experiences.

ALL tours feature haunted landmarks, frightening stories, and delicious food and drink from some of the best restaurants in Mobile. 

👻 Tours available for all ages!

Some of our experiences are great for kids, while others are intended for adults only.

👻 Our team has years of skillfully giving excellent haunted tours in Mobile.

You may even meet a member or two from Mobile’s past on our tour!

12 Haunted Places in Mobile, Alabama

by: Chris Andrews     Barton Academy Alabama’s oldest public school building has seen its fair share of dark days. The building operated as a Union hospital during the Civil War where Confederates were hung in the basement. Following the war, a young girl jumped to her death from the third floor. Recently, paranormal…

7 Haunted Houses in Mobile, Alabama

By: Chris Andrews Mobile is a city that over three centuries old that has been influenced by many different nations and cultures. The quickest way to see the melting pot of culture in our town is through the lens of our historic homes. Mobile was an incredibly wealthy city for the first half of the…

4 Haunted Hotels in Mobile, Alabama

by: Chris Andrews   Mobile has an abundance of beautiful hotels for you to rest your head but these four hotels will give you an experience like no other – an unexpected supernatural experience. Numerous stories have been told through years of lights flickering, young girls running, claw marks on the floor, and unexpected visitors…

Haunted History of Mobile – The Boyington Oak

By: Chris Andrews  Mobile is the most haunted city in Alabama. From the very moment the Europeans set foot on our soil in 1699, they were frightened by this place but one story that occurred in 1834 is perhaps the most bizarre story in Mobile’s history. A story that includes friendship, a love story, murder,…

Haunted History of Mobile – The Battle House Hotel

by: Katherine Sprinkle The Battle House Hotel is a historic hotel located in Mobile, Alabama. It was recently named the Best Historic Hotel in the United States by the Historic Hotels of America. Three Battle brothers built a 4-story hotel in 1852 at the corner of Royal and St. Francis Streets. The same location…