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by: Chris Andrews


Mobile has an abundance of beautiful hotels for you to rest your head but these four hotels will give you an experience like no other – an unexpected supernatural experience. Numerous stories have been told through years of lights flickering, young girls running, claw marks on the floor, and unexpected visitors all unexpectedly happening at these four haunted hotels in Mobile, Alabama.


Malaga Inn

Built in 1862, the Malaga is a beautiful place to stay in Mobile but many of its visitors have seen strange occurrences at the hotel. Swinging chandeliers, flickering lights, and the ghost of a women dressed in white on the balcony of room 007 are just a few of the hauntings here at the Malaga Inn.

The Battle House Hotel

The Battle House Hotel is one of the most historic hotels in the South but it’s also one of the most haunted. The ghost of Henry Butler still haunts Room 552, photos of “unexpected visitors” who have appeared in photos, and, of course, the story of a newlywed woman in 1910 who hung herself from the Crystal Ballroom chandelier all still haunt this historic hotel.

Fort Conde Inn

The Fort Conde Inn is a charming hotel inside one of the oldest homes of Mobile. It’s so charming that some of its visitors have never left! Reports through the years of unusual happenings on the second floor combined with slamming doors and shaking beds have disturbed guests for many years. 

a group of lawn chairs sitting on top of a building

Kate Shepard Bed and Breakfast

Built in 1897, this Queen Anne style home is now a gorgeous bed and breakfast for any weekend stay in Mobile. Reports of a young girl running around the house and through the bedrooms continue to haunt guests to this day.



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