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Leah Chase et al. posing for the camera

In a dynamic fusion of flavors and festivities, Danny Calametti, the force behind Alabama Coasting, opens up the world of South Alabama’s most iconic events in the latest episode of the Port City Plate podcast.

Alabama Coasting, known for its enthusiastic promotion of Gulf Coast events, serves as an influential figure in narrating the region’s culinary and cultural tales. At its helm, Calametti, with his deep-rooted connections and vast experiences, crafts an intriguing storyline of community engagement and authentic celebrations.

One of the episode’s highlights is the much-anticipated Mobile Latin Fest in Downtown Mobile. This event not only stands as a testament to Alabama Coasting’s commitment to promoting local events but also symbolizes the amalgamation of diverse Latin American cultures, representing countries like Puerto Rico, Mexico, Venezuela, and Chile. Attendees can expect a whirlwind of food, crafts, dances, and a parade that portrays the vibrant fabric of Latin culture.

Beyond the Latin Fest, Calametti delves into other flavorful ventures that Alabama Coasting champions. These range from food competitions akin to a blend of March Madness and the Super Bowl to initiatives like the Commissary, designed to support underserved restaurateurs, especially from the Hispanic community. This innovative incubator, in collaboration with the Bishop State culinary program, offers these passionate chefs not just a commercial kitchen but also a nurturing environment to cultivate their culinary aspirations.

To top it all, Calametti shares personal anecdotes, stories of his food tours, and insider tales from various eateries that are pushing the boundaries of traditional dishes, offering the Mobile community authentic tastes from around the world.

Dive deep into this episode to traverse the vibrant lanes of South Alabama’s culinary landscape, guided by the insights and tales of Danny Calametti.