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Amid the historic charm and coastal allure of Mobile, there emerges, once a year, a tropical paradise that draws locals and visitors alike. This island oasis isn’t set by the Gulf but nestled right in the heart of Downtown Mobile, championed by one man’s vision: Roy Clark.

When Roy first stepped behind the bar at The Haberdasher, Mobile’s nightlife was a world away from the spirited craft cocktail culture we see today. His journey, driven by passion and punctuated by creativity, transformed not just the drink in your hand but the very essence of Mobile’s evening tapestry. With The Haberdasher’s rise to fame came the seed of an idea: Tiki Week, a celebration of Polynesian flair right here in Alabama.

In a city adorned with rich Southern heritage, the introduction of Tiki Week was a bold move. But Roy, with his signature blend of tenacity and creativity, carved out a tropical niche. Over the years, Tiki Week grew from an evening of exotic drinks at The Haberdasher to a city-wide fiesta. This year, with nearly 20 venues participating, it promises to be a celebration unlike any other.

So, how does Roy, the mind behind this tropical extravaganza, view this journey? Our latest episode of the Port City Plate Podcast delves deep. From reminiscing about the early days of The Haberdasher and the first hesitant steps of Tiki Week, to the sprawling celebration it is now, Roy shares anecdotes, challenges, and a sneak peek into what awaits Mobile in this year’s Tiki Week.

This isn’t just a tale of cocktails and festivities; it’s a testament to how one person’s vision can ripple out, creating waves of change, growth, and celebration in a community. So as you prepare to don your Hawaiian shirts and raise your tiki mugs this year, take a moment to tune into our podcast. Let Roy’s journey inspire, entertain, and whisk you away to a tropical paradise, if only for an hour.