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Join us for an insightful conversation on the Port City Plate podcast, where we interviewed the talented and creative chef Wade Price from Slurp Society. In this episode, we explore Wade’s culinary journey, his experiences, and the vision behind his iconic ramen restaurant in Mobile. Read on to get a glimpse of the conversation and learn more about the chef who brought ramen to the heart of Mobile.

A Chef’s Origin Story:

Wade Price, a Mobile native, never saw cooking as a career initially, despite growing up with a mom who was an excellent cook. However, his passion for food led him to culinary school and a journey through various restaurants in town. Wade’s creativity comes from his ability to fully immerse himself in his interests, studying cultures and cookbooks, and absorbing all that he can.

The Birth of Slurp Society:

Wade’s journey began at Cereal Killer in Fairhope, where he first started serving ramen. He had always been fascinated with ramen, particularly after seeing David Chang, who popularized the dish in the US, and had been chasing the idea of opening a ramen shop for his entire career. After some twists and turns, including a plan to start a food truck, Slurp Society was born in Mobile, a location chosen due to the people’s yearning for something new and exciting.

An Unforgettable First Weekend:

Slurp Society is one of the hottest new places to eat in town. The opening weekend for Slurp Society was nothing short of chaotic. The team prepared an incredible amount of food, including 80 gallons of broth and 1,000 pounds of noodles, only to see the noodles run out on the first day. Thanks to local vendors like Saigon Market, they managed to overcome this challenge and continue serving their unique ramen to the hungry crowds of Mobile.

Innovative Dishes and Local Collaborations:

Slurp Society’s menu showcases Wade’s creativity, with the restaurant’s ramen not adhering to strict Japanese traditions, allowing for more innovation. Local vendors like Cooper Farms and Saigon Market play a significant role in their dishes, such as the popular Wagyu smash burger boa. By working closely with these local vendors, Slurp Society has established a strong connection with the community.

The Future of Slurp Society:

In the next five years, Wade envisions the Slurp Society brand expanding into a hospitality group with multiple concepts throughout the town. With a focus on providing unique and delicious food experiences, Slurp Society is set to make a lasting impression in Mobile and beyond.

Wade’s Recommendations and Final Thoughts:

Wade suggests checking out Vestige in Ocean Springs, a restaurant run by the talented Alex Perry, who has been nominated for a James Beard Award. As for his pet peeve in the restaurant industry, Wade admits it’s negative reviews. And when asked about his final meal, Wade remains a true food lover, pondering the endless possibilities.

The Port City Plate podcast’s conversation with Wade Price reveals the heart and soul behind Slurp Society. This inspiring story of creativity, resilience, and community collaboration is a testament to the power of following one’s passion. So, if you haven’t already, make sure to check out the full podcast episode for an in-depth look at the incredible journey of Wade Price and Slurp Society.