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In this episode of the Port City Plate Podcast, host Chris Andrews welcomes Matt Lemond, a highly successful restaurateur in Mobile. From starting O Daly’s Irish Pub in 2010 to owning a diverse range of establishments, including the popular POST wine bar and the innovative Insider Collective Eatery, Matt has transformed the local culinary scene. Join us as Matt shares his journey and insights into the world of running successful restaurants and bars.

Highlights from the podcast:

  1. Opening Weekend Memories: Matt reminisces about the launch of O Daly’s Irish Pub, which coincided with Super Bowl 44 when the New Orleans Saints claimed victory.
  2. Saints & Jameis Winston: Matt shares his thoughts on whether the Saints can win with Jameis Winston as their quarterback.
  3. The Birth of an Irish Pub: Learn about Matt’s inspiration for opening O Daly’s Irish Pub and the challenges he faced in revitalizing a then-quiet part of Dauphin Street.
  4. Expanding into Food: Matt talks about the decision to serve food at O Daly’s and the creation of the beloved 504 pizza which is featured on every Old Mobile Evening Tour
  5. The POST Wine Bar Phenomenon: Discover the motivation behind opening POST wine bar, which quickly became one of Mobile’s most popular spots for a drink.
  6. Mastering the Market: Matt shares his secret to understanding customer preferences and staying ahead of the curve in the hospitality industry.
  7. POST on the Hill: Matt unveils the plans for the upcoming POST on the Hill in Spring Hill.
  8. Insider Food Hall: Learn about the inspiration behind Mobile’s first food hall, the Insider Collective Eatery, and the exciting additions coming soon.
  9. Business Management: Matt discusses delegating responsibilities among his team members to handle the numerous events and offerings across his establishments.
  10. The Movember Movement: A chat about the importance of Movember and men’s health awareness.
  11. Meat and Three Segment: In this rapid-fire round, Matt shares his favorite breakfast, his first job, and the strangest occurrence at any of his bars.
  12. Chris’s Dishes Recommendation: Chris raves about the Poutine Emanuel from Bistro St. Emanuel, while Matt shares the best dish he’s had recently.

Get ready for an exciting conversation with Matt Lemond, the man behind some of Mobile’s most beloved establishments. Tune in to the Port City Plate Podcast and discover the secrets to his success and the future plans for his restaurant empire.