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a half eaten doughnut next to a cup of coffee

In a recent episode of the Port City Plate Podcast, host Chris Andrews had the pleasure of chatting with Jaclyn Robinson, the founder of MoBay Beignet Co. Since its opening in Downtown Mobile in early 2020, MoBay Beignet has become a sensation, delighting customers with their mouthwatering white powdered beignets and homemade syrups. With multiple locations across the Southeast, MoBay Beignet has taken the region by storm, and Jaclyn shared some of her journey with us on the podcast.

Here are the highlights of the fascinating conversation with Jaclyn Robinson:

  1. Humble Beginnings: Jaclyn took us back to her first beignet-making experience, explaining how the recipe has evolved since then. She also shared her journey from making beignets at home to opening her first location on Dauphin Street.
  2. Quick Success: Jaclyn discussed the incredible success of MoBay Beignet in its early days, with lines out the door and a staggering 50,000 beignets sold in the first month. She shared her thoughts on what drove so many people to try their beignets right away.
  3. Expanding the Menu: Last year, Jaclyn introduced a new concept combining beignets, burgers, and baseball at Baytown Burger in West Mobile. She explained the inspiration behind this unique combination and how it has been received by customers. Try these delicious beignets and syrup on every LoDa Stroll tour!
  4. Community Focus: At both MoBay Beignet and Baytown Burger, the focus is on the local community. Jaclyn highlighted the importance of incorporating the history of Mobile and celebrating the city’s love for baseball in her establishments.
  5. Future Plans: Jaclyn shared some of her plans for expanding MoBay Beignet and Baytown Burger, including the upcoming location in Saraland, Alabama.
  6. Creative Menu Additions: With a constantly evolving menu featuring new handmade syrups, frappes, and teas, Jaclyn discussed her creative process and the sources of inspiration for these delicious additions.
  7. Balancing Business and Personal Life: Managing multiple locations, franchises, and a personal life is no easy task. Jaclyn opened up about how she juggles her busy schedule and the support she receives from her partner, Bill.
  8. Meat and Three Segment: In this fun segment, Jaclyn shared her favorite way to eat beignets, her most memorable experiences with MoBay Beignet, and her top dining experience in the state of Alabama.

Chris’s Dishes Recommendation: As a bonus, Chris shared his recommendation for the Hemingway Bowl at Las Floriditas, which features delicious Barbacoa meat with rice, black beans, and sliced avocado.

Don’t miss this exciting episode of the Port City Plate Podcast as Jaclyn Robinson shares her journey with MoBay Beignet Co. and Baytown Burger, her passion for the local community, and her plans for the future. Get ready to satisfy your cravings and discover the magic of beignets, burgers, and baseball!