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a close up of a truck

In the debut episode of the Port City Plate Podcast, host Chris Andrews sits down with Jeff Roberts, the founder of Yellowhammer Coffee. Starting as Mobile’s first coffee truck in 2016, Yellowhammer Coffee, under the leadership of Jeff and his wife Monique, has revolutionized the coffee scene in Mobile, Alabama. Known for their exceptional coffee and outstanding customer service, Yellowhammer Coffee now boasts multiple brick and mortar locations. Join us as Jeff shares the story behind his thriving business.

Highlights from the podcast:

  1. Coffee Truck Origins: Jeff reveals what inspired him to launch Mobile’s first coffee truck and how Yellowhammer Coffee began its journey.
  2. The Perfect Cup of Coffee: Jeff explains the intricacies of brewing an excellent cup of coffee and what sets Yellowhammer Coffee apart from other coffee shops.
  3. Roasting Process: Get a glimpse into where and how Yellowhammer Coffee roasts their beans, and who oversees this crucial aspect of the business.
  4. Adapting and Pivoting: Jeff shares how Yellowhammer Coffee stays relevant by offering seasonal drinks and adapting to customer preferences.
  5. Working with Your Spouse: As a husband-wife team, Jeff and Monique face unique challenges and joys in running their business. Jeff shares their experience working together.
  6. Business Challenges: Transitioning from a coffee truck to brick and mortar locations has its hurdles. Jeff discusses the challenges and the financial aspects of the business.
  7. Cultivating Passionate Fans: Yellowhammer Coffee’s customer service is second to none. Jeff talks about what makes their fans so loyal and how they prioritize exceptional service.
  8. Training and Team Building: Jeff shares insights on their employee training process and how they manage to find such friendly and dedicated team members.
  9. Meat N Three Segment: In this rapid-fire segment, Jeff answers questions about his coffee preferences, favorite food, and favorite restaurant in Mobile.
  10. Life Outside Yellowhammer: Jeff ponders what kind of work he might be doing if he weren’t running Yellowhammer Coffee.
  11. Chris’s Dishes Recommendation: Chris shares his recent favorite dish at Noble South and invites Jeff to share the best dish he’s had this week.
  12. What’s Next for Yellowhammer Coffee: As the interview wraps up, Jeff hints at what the future might hold for Yellowhammer Coffee.

Be sure to catch this exciting first episode of the Port City Plate Podcast as Jeff Roberts shares the story behind Yellowhammer Coffee’s success, the importance of customer service, and what it takes to build a thriving coffee business in Mobile, Alabama. Find the Port City Plate Podcast online at or join the Facebook group at Port City Plate to share your best dish in Mobile.