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All Things King Cake in Mobile, Alabama

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Chris Andrews | January 13, 2020

King Cake is the official food symbol of Mardi Gras and there is no shortage of ways to enjoy King Cake in Mobile.

From cupcakes, latte’s, ice cream to the traditional cream filled king cake. Gluten free options or maybe you’re on the King Cake Diet and need all of the above. Either way, this guide will help you get your King Cake fix this year!

Gallettes des Rois

Chaleur Method Brew + Espresso
1714 Dauphin Street
Mobile AL. 36604

Traditionally, Galettes des Rois is eaten on January 6, the day of Epiphany, which is the day most Biblical scholars believe the wise men visited the birth of Christ. Galettes de Rois literally means Three King’s Cake. The French have traditionally celebrated this day by eating a pastry which is where our modern day “king cake” comes from. Over the years, we have modernized the king cake but at Chaleur they are keeping the Galletes des Rois tradition going. Combined with a cup of their coffee this sweet treat is a perfect way to celebrate the season.

2020 King Cake Off
Saturday, February 8,2020
Government Plaza

A great way to kick off our Carnival season is by attending one of the best events of the year in Mobile, the annual King Cake Off. Come judge for yourself who has the best King Cake in Mobile! Many of Mobile’s most popular bakeries will be on hand competing for the title of the Best in Mobile. They also have a non-traditional King Cake category. Expect Blue Bell to be on hand with their King Cake Ice Cream, Hall’s Sausage with a savory King Cake Sausage and a Cajun Savory King Cake by Creative Catering just to name a few in the non-traditional category.

Traditional King Cakes

If you are looking for a traditional king cake in Mobile. These are the top places to go in each area of town.

  • Lighthouse Bakery (South Mobile)

Owned and operated for 15 years on Dauphin Island, Lighthouse consistently makes the most talked about king cakes in Mobile and folks see why it is worth the drive to the island.

  • Pollman’s Bakery (Spring Hill, Downtown)

Pollman’s has been turning out king cakes since the 1950’s the first bakery in Mobile to do so. Baked fresh every day. Pollman’s sell over 10,000 cakes each year in Mobile.

  • Shell Purple Cow (West Mobile)

Randazzo’s famous king cakes from Metairie, Louisana are baked and shipped fresh to the Purple Cow gas station on Dawes Road each week but hurry they go fast.

  • Atlanta Bread (Midtown)

Baked fresh daily from the kitchen on Dauphin Street, Atlanta Bread makes delicious traditional king cakes!

King Cake Cupcakes

Bake My Day
156-A N McGregor Ave.
Mobile, AL. 36608

Bake My Day has a unique spin on their king cake. Unlike traditional round cakes, theirs are individually cut and baked to the size of a cupcake! The yeast dough gives it a doughy texture plus topped with a cream cheese icing and Mardi Gras colored sugars this is a great option!

Moon Pie King Cake

Rouses Supermarkets

Moon Pies and King Cake, that’s two things we know really well in Mobile! Rouses has combined the two iconic desserts for the Moon Pie King Cake! A chocolate or banana covered glaze with marshmallow and chocolate or banana filling will surely get you in the mood to catch those Moon Pies!

King Cake Drinks

If you’re not feeling quite up to eating a slice of king cake today, how about drinking king cake? Various coffee shops around town are serving King Cake Latte’s, Frappe’s and Hot Chocolate.

  • Serda’s Coffee (Downtown)
  • Moka’s Coffee (Saraland)
  • Yellowhammer Coffee (Midtown and Semmes)

King Cake Shake

Tillman’s Corner Nutrition
5441 Highway 90 W Unit 24
Mobile, AL. 36619

Tillman’s Corner Nutrition is celebrating “King Cake without the guilt!” Their King Cake Shakes are less than 250 calories, include 27 grams of protein and is a great low sugar, low carb option to enjoy king cake!

King Cake Bushwacker

Ed’s Seafood Shed

Ed’s seasonal bushwackers have been a huge hit! This season, enjoy King Cake Bushwackers and Moon Pie Bushwackers made with Cammie’s Old Dutch Ice Cream only during Carnival season.


Healthy King Cake Alternatives

Gluten Free King Cake

Guncles Gluten Free
1252 Government Street
Mobile, AL. 36604

For the many who are gluten free or gluten sensitive don’t worry because Guncles has saved the day! Guncles Gluten Free King Cake is a cinnamon brioche with cream cheese frosting dusted with natural sanding sugars free of dyes and artificial coloring. They can be ordered by phone and picked up at their Midtown location.

Keto King Cake

Chop Sugar
744 Museum Drive
Mobile, AL. 36608

If you are Keto and the thought of all these carbs are driving you crazy, Chop Sugar has an option for you as well! Located inside 1031 Meals, Chop Sugar has made to order Keto King Cake.

King Cake Cheesecake

Flour Girls Bakery
809 Hillcrest Road
Mobile, AL. 36695

One of the most unique ways to eat king cake this year is to stop by Flour Girls for their King Cake Cheesecake! If you love cheesecake this is a can’t miss cake!

King Cake Ice Cream

Cammie’s Old Dutch Ice Cream
2511 Old Shell Road
Mobile, AL. 36607

You can’t go wrong with any selection at Cammie’s Old Dutch but the King Cake flavor is next level! The winner of the 2019 King Cake Off in the non-traditional category you must stop in to taste today.

Pour Chop and Roll Ice Cream Cafe

5644 Old Shell Road
Mobile, AL. 36608

PCR’s rolled king cake ice cream is an excellent way to taste king cake-flavored ice cream. They have partnered with Bake My Day for the king cake side of things combined with their handcrafted, fresh ice cream this is a must-try!

King Cake Scones with King Cake Honey Butter

Reney’s Honey Butter
9211 Cottage Hill Road
Mobile, AL. 36695

King Cake Scones combined with Reney’s King Cake Honey Butter are a great treat for breakfast, snack or dessert. Reney’s Honey Butter is headquartered out of the The Cottage at Cottage Hill and McFarland. Stop by or take home this Mardi Gras – British style treat!

King Cake Baklava

Mediterranean Sandwich Co.
Locations: Downtown, West Mobile, Daphne

Baklava is a popular pastry found in Greece and around the Middle East but when you are located in Mobile, Alabama why not mix in some Mardi Gras and that’s what Mediterranean Sandwich Co. has done with their King Cake Baklava.