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a close up of a sandwich on a plate

In this episode, we’re serving up a delicious conversation with Adam Womack, the owner and operator of HammeredCow, one of Mobile’s smash burger sensations. Located in the bustling Insider Food Hall, HammeredCow has quickly gained a reputation for having some of the best burgers in town. Get ready to sink your teeth into this juicy conversation!

The Journey of HammeredCow: Adam Womack shares the story behind the name HammeredCow and the unique smash burger concept that sets them apart from other burger joints in Mobile. From humble beginnings in backyard experiments to overcoming the learning curve in the restaurant industry, Adam’s journey is a testament to determination, creativity, and passion for great food.

Crafting the Perfect Menu: Curious about what goes into creating HammeredCow’s mouthwatering menu? Adam walks us through the process of trial and error, perfecting recipes, and the support of friends and fellow food hall vendors. He also reveals some fan-favorite menu items, like the behemoth Hammer burger and the Moo-Uau Burger, as well as some secret options you won’t want to miss.

The Insider Food Hall Community: One of the key factors in HammeredCow’s success is the close-knit community within the Insider Food Hall. Adam shares how the food hall vendors collaborate, support each other, and create a welcoming atmosphere for both customers and fellow entrepreneurs. It’s a shining example of how a diverse group of businesses can work together to create a fantastic customer experience.

Working with a Spouse: Running a restaurant is no easy task, especially when you’re doing it alongside your spouse. Adam talks about the challenges and rewards of working with his wife and how their teamwork and balance have contributed to HammeredCow’s success.

The Future of HammeredCow: What does the future hold for HammeredCow? Adam shares his thoughts on potential expansion, menu innovations, and staying up-to-date with food trends. Plus, find out how the local community has embraced HammeredCow and the memorable feedback they’ve received from satisfied customers.

Don’t miss this appetizing episode of the Port City Plate Podcast, where we uncover the story of HammeredCow and its mouthwatering burgers. If you’re a food enthusiast or simply love a great burger, this conversation with Adam Womack will leave you hungry for more. Tune in now and join us on this tasty adventure!