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a tray of food

Step inside Mobile’s rich culinary history in the latest episode of the Port City Plate Podcast as we welcome Deborah Hodges, the proud owner of Hall’s Sausage – Mobile’s only locally made sausage.

Hall’s Sausage is an integral part of the Mobile food scene, delighting generations with their authentic Southern smoked sausage and hickory-smoked delights. As the mom in this family business’s ‘mom and pop’, Deborah has a unique insight into the traditions, struggles, and victories of their culinary journey.

Starting with a small meat locker route business established by WWII veteran B.E. Namie, Hall’s Sausage has grown into a beloved fixture in the local food landscape. Deborah’s captivating recount of the business’s legacy, from her husband inheriting the business from Mr. Hall, another WWII veteran, to recovering from a devastating fire in 2012, exemplifies the resilience and passion at the heart of their operations.

But it’s not just about history and challenges; it’s about the art of crafting the perfect sausage. With their firm commitment to using only fresh, lean pork trim and time-tested secret spice recipes, Hall’s has perfected a sausage-making process that yields high-quality, fresh, flavorful products that Mobile can’t get enough of.

Deborah provides a fascinating description of their process, detailing the loving care that goes into every batch. You’ll be entranced as she paints a vivid picture of sausages being looped over ‘trees’ and smoked to perfection in their smokehouse.

Moreover, learn about the inventive ways local chefs and creative home cooks are incorporating Hall’s sausages into their dishes, including award-winning recipes from local chef competitions. From a staple in gumbo and red beans to the centerpiece of innovative crawfish boils, Hall’s sausages have become synonymous with creative, mouth-watering dishes.

In this candid chat, Deborah also shares insights on navigating a fiercely loyal and personal market like Mobile, and how community impact and contribution are integral to their business ethos.

There’s something for every food enthusiast in this conversation – from tantalizing recipes to tales of resilience and innovation. This episode also offers a glimpse into the future of Hall’s Sausage, as Deborah hints at plans for expanding beyond Mobile.

So, get ready for a hearty serving of local culinary history, business insights, and more on this episode of the Port City Plate Podcast. Tune in now to hear the complete story of Hall’s Sausage – Mobile’s best-kept food secret