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a glass of beer on a table

We’re thrilled to share our latest podcast episode with you, an engaging and enlightening conversation with David Nelson, the founder and owner of Braided River Brewing Co.

In this episode, titled “Cultivating Craft and Community: David Nelson’s Braided River Brewing Co. Journey”, we explore the intricate world of craft brewing through the eyes of a man who has been instrumental in shaping the burgeoning brew scene of Mobile, Alabama.

David’s journey to becoming a brewmaster is as interesting as it is inspiring. He traded his career in a toxicology lab to follow his passion for beer, a choice that led him from volunteering at a brewery to owning one. His story is a testament to the power of passion and the magic that unfolds when you pursue what you love.

During our chat, David delves into the story behind the name “Braided River Brewing Co.”. Inspired by the Mobile-Tensaw Delta, David saw a parallel between the intertwining rivers and the brewing process, where diverse ingredients come together to create something unique – much like the community that gathers over a cold pint.

Our conversation isn’t just about the craft of brewing beer; it’s about the craft of building community. David speaks to the collaborative spirit at the heart of Braided River Brewing Co., underlining the crucial role local businesses, environmental groups, and non-profits play in enriching the local craft beer ecosystem. One such collaboration resulted in the deliciously unique King Cake beer, a product of a partnership with Callaghan’s and Dropout Bakery.

Ever wondered how Braided River Brewing Co. comes up with their innovative, themed beers? Or perhaps you’re curious about the difference between ales, lagers, and IPAs? Maybe you’ve been longing to know more about the historic Wheeler Lofts building that houses the brewery. David covers all this and more, including how the brewery cultivates a family-friendly atmosphere and how local food trucks play into their community-building ethos.

This episode is not only an intimate look into the fascinating world of craft brewing but also a glimpse into the future of Mobile’s craft beer scene. David speaks candidly about the challenges and opportunities he sees on the horizon, and the role Braided River Brewing Co. intends to play in the evolution of the local craft beer community.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a cold brew, sit back, and immerse yourself in our chat with David Nelson. It’s an insightful and heartwarming conversation that underlines why we love the Port City, one that we guarantee will leave you feeling more connected to Mobile and its vibrant craft beer scene.