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In our latest Port City Plate podcast episode, we had the pleasure of chatting with Meredith Simmerman, the creative force behind Reney’s Honey Butter. Meredith shares the humble beginnings of her business, her culinary journey, and how her unique honey butter has become the star of various delicious dishes.

The Reney’s Honey Butter story began on an Easter Sunday, with Meredith picking blackberries and creating a blackberry honey butter. After giving it away for free and seeing the incredible demand, she took to Facebook and made over $1,000 in just 24 hours. Fast forward six years, and Reney’s now offers over 60 flavors of honey butter.

With a background in culinary school and a stint in the food industry during college, Meredith brings a creative touch to her products. Her business has evolved from pop-ups at Old Shell Market to a full-fledged brick and mortar store that serves breakfast and lunch, with dishes that revolve around her signature honey butter. Partnering with MeatBoss for meats, they offer biscuits, bagels, muffins, baked potatoes, and paninis – all with a delicious honey butter twist.

Cinnamon Roll Friday is a special treat, thanks to fresh rolls brought in by Rooted and Grounded. Reney’s also hosts themed breakfast events like Princess Breakfast and Breakfast with Santa, and offers a Kids Club for their young customers. Catering and spud bars featuring their honey butter are also popular services.

Meredith is passionate about supporting local and small businesses, as evident by their Gourmet Food Boutique featuring unique, locally-made products. She also shares the ups and downs of running a business, like the viral Facebook post that led to lines out the door the very next day.

With plans for a new building, drive-thru, and possible additional locations in the future, Meredith continues to dream big. She hopes to empower and connect with women through her business, calling them “Butter Babes.”

Reney’s Honey Butter can be found at her brick and mortar location on Cottage Hill and McFarland at The Cottage.

Join us for this delightful conversation with Meredith Simmerman and discover how Reney’s Honey Butter has become a beloved part of the local food scene.