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Join us on the Port City Plate Podcast as we sit down with Joycelyn Davis, a key figure in the Clotilda Descendants Organization and the star of the Netflix documentary, Descendant. Joycelyn shares her personal journey growing up in Africatown, her ancestors’ incredible story, and her experience meeting the Obamas at a film festival.

In this captivating episode, Joycelyn takes us through the fascinating tale of the Clotilda, the last known slave ship to reach the United States. She talks about the wager that led to the ship’s illegal journey and how 110 captives were brought to the US, with only 32 ultimately residing in Africatown. Joycelyn highlights the resilience, courage, and pride of Africatown’s residents, who built a thriving community complete with a school, church, and homes.

As a direct descendant of those on the Clotilda, Joycelyn shares the unique position that Africatown natives hold in being able to trace their lineage back to their African ancestors. She delves into the lives of her own ancestors, their role in building Africatown, and their determination to rise above their past.

Joycelyn recounts her childhood in Africatown, where the community was strong and supportive. She emphasizes that her mission is not just about the ship, but about sharing the story of Africatown and its people with the world. This has taken her on an international journey, including a screening of Descendant in London, where she connected with a woman from her hometown.

One of the highlights of the episode is Joycelyn’s experience attending the Martha’s Vineyard African American Film Festival, where the Obamas made a surprise visit. She shares her conversation with President Obama and the advice he offered her for continuing her work.

Joycelyn also reveals her famous celebrity cousin, Questlove, and how they discovered their relation on a television show. Finally, she reminisces about her favorite food memory, picking blackberries with her grandmother in Africatown.

Don’t miss this inspiring episode of the Port City Plate Podcast as Joycelyn Davis brings the story of the Clotilda and Africatown to life. You’ll be captivated by her passion for preserving her ancestors’ legacy and the strength and resilience of the community they built. Tune in now to learn more about this important piece of American history.