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a bottle of water on a sunny day

In this episode, we venture into the enticing world of locally-produced bourbon with our special guest, David Gibson, the owner and founder of Judge Roy Bean Spirits.

Hailing from Fairhope, Alabama, David is turning heads in the bourbon industry with his unique pecan-smoked bourbon. Not only does he distill one of the finest bourbons in the South, but his branding and marketing skills are also driving Judge Roy Bean Spirits to become a household name.

Our host, Chris Andrews, dives deep into David’s journey, starting from his roots in Marietta, Georgia, and his influential career in marketing, which provided a foundation for his current venture. In a fascinating discussion, David sheds light on his transition into bourbon-making and how he’s breathing new life into a familiar name, creating a blend that’s as intriguing as its namesake.

Discover the history of Judge Roy Bean, the namesake bar in Daphne, Alabama, and Billy the Goat, the quirky mascot gracing each bottle of this distinct bourbon. Hear David discuss the bourbon-making process, explaining why bourbon must be 51% corn, and why the finishing process with pecan wood sets Judge Roy Bean apart from other bourbons.

David also shares the brand’s journey, from sourcing competition-grade BBQ pecan wood chips to aging the bourbon in Opelika, Alabama. The unique pecan-smoked finish not only gives Judge Roy Bean Bourbon its unique taste, but it also tells a story of local resilience and creativity.

Listeners will get insights into the competitive bourbon industry and David’s strategy to differentiate Judge Roy Bean from other brands. We discuss the appeal of local bourbon to both devoted bourbon lovers and casual drinkers alike, and how the unique pecan-smoked flavor is gaining fans.

In this episode, we also explore how the local food scene intersects with Judge Roy Bean. From at-home cocktails using local ingredients to food pairings, the discussion brings to life the vibrant flavors of Alabama.

Finally, we talk about what’s next for Judge Roy Bean – including upcoming batches and plans for future spirits.

For those who love bourbon, are curious about the process, or simply love a good story of local entrepreneurship, this is an episode you won’t want to miss. Listen to the full episode now, and let’s toast to the future of bourbon in Alabama!