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In this episode of Port City Plate Podcast, we are thrilled to introduce ShaMyra Sylvester, the inspiring force behind Ginger and Spice, an innovative juice bar and vegan cafe located in the heart of Downtown Mobile. More than just a juice bar, Ginger and Spice is a hub for health-conscious foodies in Mobile, offering an array of delicious bowls, toasts, and wraps.

ShaMyra’s journey is one marked by resilience and determination. Growing up in Maysville, she witnessed her family struggle with chronic illness and diet-related diseases, which later helped sparked her interest in health and nutrition. She moved from Mobile to Atlanta post-college, gaining confidence and seizing opportunities that came her way. Her career path led her to Washington DC, where she worked in roles from home loans to hospitality, even landing a position at the White House through the Presidential Management Fellowship.

The COVID-19 pandemic prompted ShaMyra’s return to Mobile, where she noted a glaring absence of the juice bars that she had grown accustomed to in DC. Capitalizing on her connections with DC juice bar owners, she was inspired to open Ginger and Spice, filling this void and promoting plant-based eating and healthy food choices.

In this episode, we delve into what sets Ginger and Spice apart, her journey to the location on Dauphin Street and their use of cold-pressed juicing, which preserves the produce and packs two pounds of produce into each bottle but don’t miss their unexpected, but delightful, array of food options. ShaMyra also shares the story behind the name “Ginger and Spice” and the health benefits of their products.

Lastly, we discuss the future of Ginger and Spice, and ShaMyra’s vision to establish a community garden, and keep Mobile healthy! Join us on this journey with ShaMyra Sylvester, an inspiring entrepreneur making strides in the health and nutrition scene in Mobile. Don’t miss out on her story and the amazing Ginger and Spice!