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a dessert in front of a building

Chris Andrews | March 8,2021

Mobile has an abundance of great restaurants and many of those have stood the test of time. Despite changing food trends, world wars, culture wars, pandemics, and new restaurants popping up all over town, these 15 places to eat have solidified their mark on Mobile’s food scene.

(For this list, iconic is labeled as any restaurant or place to eat that has been open for 25 years.)

1. Three George’s Candy Shop

Started by three Greek immigrants all named George, Three George’s has been serving chocolates, candy, milkshakes, and sandwiches in downtown Mobile since 1917! Enjoy chocolate from century old recipes that have been carefully handed down through the years.

2. Pollman’s Bakery

Pollman’s Bakery has been family owned and operated in Mobile since 1918. Known for their king cakes, brownies and chocolate dobash cakes they also serve po-boys and Cuban sandwiches.

3. Morisson’s Cafeteria 

Dating back to 1920, Mobile’s oldest restaurant is Morisson’s. Generations of Mobilians can still remember the white table cloths of their downtown location. The cafeteria continues to serve home style cooked dishes at their Springdale location.

4. Dew Drop Inn 

The Dew Drop Inn has been serving hot dogs to hungry guests for so long that the hot dog was a novelty food when they opened in 1924. No visit to Mobile is complete without a stop for a Dew Drop Dog.

5. Wintzell’s Oyster House

Wintzells Oyster House is the iconic restaurant of downtown Mobile. Started as a six stool oyster bar on Dauphin St, “Fried, stewed, or nude”, Mobilians have enjoyed fresh, Gulf oysters here since 1938.

6. Callaghan’s Irish Social Club

Callaghan’s has been open in the historic Oakleigh Garden District since 1946. Callaghan’s consistently holds the prize for the “Best Burger in Alabama” they’ve also been named the “Best Bar in America”.

7. Bayley’s Restaurant 

Bill Bayley traveled the world before coming home to Mobile where he started Bayley’s Restaurant in 1947. Bayley’s is the original home of the West Indies Salad and fried crab claws.

8. A&M Peanut Shop

Generations of Mobilians have enjoyed the hot, roasted peanuts from the A&M Peanut Shop. The 120 year old peanut roaster fills the streets of Mobile with that delicious aroma. Their iconic downtown location has been the perfect stop for an afternoon snack since 1947.

9. Roshell’s Cafe & Deli

Roshell’s Cafe has been located on Spring Hill Ave. in Crichton since the 1950’s when it was opened as Mac’s Drive In. The steer burger and fresh seafood have made Roshell’s a lunchtime favorite for many decades.

10. Dick Russell’s BBQ

Dick Russell’s has been operating in Mobile since 1954. Many people come for the BBQ, steaks and seafood. Mobilians will tell you most about their breakfast and made from scratch biscuits.

11. BLUEGILL Restaurant 

Home on the Causeway since 1958, the Bluegill has become a landmark with their Flamin’ Oysters, live music, and some of the best views in Mobile.

12. Cammie’s Old Dutch Ice Cream Shoppe

Since 1969, all ages of Mobilians have enjoyed the delicious homemade ice cream from Old Dutch. The retro environment adds the perfect touch to this Mobile landmark.

13. The Mariner Restaurant 

Situated on Dog River overlooking Mobile Bay, the Mariner has been a staple of Mobile since 1978. Locals will tell you the Mariner has some of best fried crab claws you will find anywhere. Don’t miss the incredible sunset views over the marina.

14. Butch Cassidy’s Cafe

Home of the “Soon to be Famous Butch Burger”, Butch Cassidy’s has been a midtown favorite for almost 30 years. Butch Cassidy’s serves some of the best burgers and wings you’ll find anywhere in Mobile.

15. Big Time Diner

Located in west Mobile, Big Time Diner has been serving home cooked meals for 25 years. Get the blue plate special with homemade cornbread. The menu is full of “Old Mobile” recipes handed down through the years.