Floats and Food Tour

  • Downtown Mobile
  • 1.2 miles

Join us in 2019 for this unique Mardi Gras experience in the city where it all began!

Join us on a food tour you will not find anywhere else in the world. On this one-of-a-kind tour we will celebrate Mobile's Mardi Gras history as we explore the stories behind the Carnival tradition in Mobile. On this tour guests will enjoy award winning Gulf Coast cuisine plus a private balcony on the parade route during a Mardi Gras parade!


WINTZELL'S OYSTER HOUSE - The landmark restaurant in Downtown Mobile. Serving oysters fried, stewed, or nude at the original location since 1938.

THREE GEORGES CANDY - A landmark in downtown Mobile since 1917. This stop includes a VIP praline making experience.

HEROES SPORTS BAR AND GRILL - Mobile is a sports town and Heroes is where Mobilians go to watch the game. Join us as we taste Heroes award winning crawfish and spinach dip.

A&M PEANUT SHOP - A local landmark on the Gulf Coast. Come taste a sample of peanuts, pecans, cashews and nuts that are boiled fresh daily from a 110 year old roaster located inside.

BOB'S DOWNTOWN RESTAURANT - Located on the corner of Fat & Happy in Downtown Mobile. Bob's locally sourced food is cooked fresh daily and is a local's favorite.

KAZOOLA - Named after Cudjoe "Kazoola" Lewis, the last living survivor of the African slave trade. The history and story of this restaurant is just as superb as the food.

SERDA'S BREWERY - The only brewery currently in Downtown Mobile. One of four local brews are on tap for this tasting.