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Holiday Themed Food Tours

Holiday Themed Food Tours in Mobile, Alabama


Dive into the culinary magic of the season with exclusive holiday dishes, desserts, and drinks from Mobile’s finest local establishments.

Journey through historic and beautifully decorated locales, where holiday tales of Mobile come to life and immerse you in the spirit of the season.

Engage in unique seasonal activities, from tacky sweater murder mysteries to cozy brunches, ensuring an unforgettable adventure for all ages.

Perfect for gifting or enjoying with loved ones, our holiday food tours offer the chance to create cherished memories while savoring the best of Mobile’s festive fare.

Mobile’s Best Brunch Spots: Top 10 Weekend Brunch Destinations in Mobile

By: Marissa Deal Top 10 Weekend Brunch Destinations in Mobile Mobile has a lively and thriving brunch culture, and brunch is an excellent place to discover the different cultural influences that have shaped Mobile over the last 300 years.  From local hole-in-the-wall joints to upscale dining, we’ve got something for everyone.  1. The Ruby Slipper…

7 Ways to Serve Others this Holiday Season in Mobile

Photo courtesy of American Lunch This year has been especially difficult for our neighbors with food malnourishment. The pandemic and loss of jobs in our area have greatly increased the demand for food pantries. Volunteers are needed in large numbers to keep up with the demand and also to replace some of our elderly who…