by Chris Andrews

We are hiring a tour guide to join our Bienville Bites Food Tour team. We are looking for fun, energetic, and ambitious individual who has a professional and friendly personality who would love to take local residents and out-of-town visitors on a

Bienville Bites Tour Guide Responsibilities:

🍴Host guests on a two to three hour culinary walking tour through the downtown Mobile area.

🍴Provide detailed and accurate commentary at restaurants and historical landmarks with personality and passion.

🍴Respond to guest questions with knowledge and confidence.

🍴Connect with each guest and make them feel important by meeting their needs during the experience.

🍴Handle logistical and unexpected issues while maintaining enthusiasm and care for the guests.

🍴Assist guests with requests and recommendations they might have while on tour (within reason).

Tour Guide Requirements:

🥄Guide must be based in the Mobile, Alabama area.

🥄Guide must be knowledgeable and passionate about Mobile’s food and drink scene.

🥄Guide must be enthusiastic, friendly, knowledgeable and FUN!

🥄Guide must be reliable, responsible, independent, and a problem solver.

🥄Guide must demonstrate the ability to manage a flexible schedule.

🥄Guide must be able to improvise and demonstrate the ability to think on their feet.

🥄Guide must be available to work on a mix of weekdays and weekends, daytimes and evenings.

🥄Guide must be able to stand for long periods of time, walk distances easily, and handle summer and/or winter outdoor temperatures.

🥄Guide must have access to email, a personal cell phone and a computer/mobile device.

If any of these traits & characteristics sound like you, we have an exciting opportunity for you! Please email resume or bio sheet in PDF format to bienvillebites@gmail.com. With this email include 500 words or less to answer the question, “How do you feel connected to the city of Mobile, AL”.

Training Assessment:

Guide is subject to a 30 to 60-day probationary period in which they will participate in a comprehensive training program. At the conclusion of the training period, management will inform the guide if they have passed and able to move forward as a guide for the organization.

Hours and Pay:

This is a part-time employee position. A tour guide will typically work five to ten hours hours a week, includes tours and prep work. Pay is dependent on experience. Tour guides also can receive tips/gratuities from tour guests.

Look forward to seeing our crew grow!