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Laney Andrews | January 18,2021

‘Tis the season for Moon Pies, King Cakes, beads, and all things Mardi Gras. Except, this year is a little different, most parades and balls have been canceled. This year is the fourth time in the history of Mardi Gras that parades haven’t rolled as usual. Believe it or not, all other times were war related. 

However, a season can’t be canceled completely and we’ve put together a list to help YOU keep the spirit alive. 

  1. Celebrate the season by eating King Cake. Don’t be overwhelmed with all the options – you can find king cake and king cake related items all over Mobile, Alabama. You can find all things king cake at our blog here.
  2. Visit the Mobile Carnival Museum and discover Mardi Gras with the rich history and traditions of Carnival. You’ll have the opportunity to see costumes, float designs, and designs of robes from monarchs past.
  3. Ship Mardi Gras straight to your house or even better share the season with a friend by shipping it to them. Our brand new product, Party Like a Mobilian, includes a King Cake from Lighthouse Bakery, Mardi Gras Sammies from EllenJAY Bakery, Beignet Mix from Mo’Bay Beignet, a box of chocolate MoonPies, Mobile Mardi Gras beads from Toomey’s Mardi Gras, and more! Purchase your box here!
  4. Attend the Mardi Gras Murder Mystery experience with Bienville Bites Food Tour. Throw on your best Mardi Gras parade attire and get ready for an evening full of delicious food, mysterious happenings, and all things a Mardi Gras. Buy your tickets here!
  5. Brunch is always a way to celebrate! Attend The Carnival Brunch with Bienville Bites Food Tour. Mobile loves Mardi Gras a BRUNCH, so what better way to celebrate Mardi Gras than with some of Mobile’s brunch favorites in the city that started it ALL! Purchase your brunch here! 
  6. Have a picnic in Mardi Gras Park. Support a local restaurant by ordering to-go food and take it over to Mardi Gras Park for a picnic.
  7. Eat at Joe Cain Cafe. From gumbo to pizza, this cafe has everything you need to honor Joe Cain who was instrumental in reviving modern day Mardi Gras.
  8. Have ice cream at Cammie’s Old Dutch! Moon Pie to King Cake ice cream, they have the flavors you need to celebrate the season.
  9. Pay tribute to Joe Cain at Church Street Graveyard. Throw some beads on his grave to honor this Mardi Gras icon also known as Chief Slacabamarinico.
  10. Buy decorations from Toomey’s, Mardi Gras & More Gift Shop, or Al’s 5&10 and decorate your home or porch.
  11. Go on a Mardi Gras Scavenger Hunt with Bienville Bites Food Tour.This self-guided tour includes a to-go brunch  interactive scavenger hunt, and a sweet finish that will have you solving clues all over downtown Mobile.
  12. Grab a copy of the Mobile Mask! Check out where you can grab your copy!
  13. Celebrate with the Mobile Porch Parade. This brand new way to Celebrate Mardi Gras and they are doing a great job of keeping the spirit alive this year! Participants have decorated their homes using Mardi Gras float pieces, door decorations, and so much more!
  14. Participate in the Virtual King Cake Off sponsored by Mobtown Events, LLC. Your participation and vote will help decide the People’s Choice Award for Best King Cake! 
  15. Plan a staycation by reserving a room at one of our local hotels or Airbnb’s. Enjoy the weekend with all the flavors at our delicious restaurants.
  • Family Friendly Event!
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  • Know the history of Mardi Gras in Mobile and experience a VIP parade viewing while enjoying delicious king cake!
  • Hear stories of revelry, traditions, mystic societies, and other interesting Mardi Gras history from one of our expert tour guides!
  • Enjoy king cake and clean restrooms while relaxing comfortably before the parades roll by!
  • Great for all ages!
  • Great for large groups! Can accommodate up to 30 guests.